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Air Handling Unit
Air Handling Unit

Technical Description

Energy heat recovery section
The following heat recovery systems are used in our Air Handling units:
- Air to air heat exchanger (Plate heat exchanger).
- Liquid coupled heat exchanger (coil type or run around).
- Rotary Heat Exchanger (Thermal Wheel).

Filter section
The air handling units can be provided with a panel filter in flat arrangement, tested in accordance with ASHRAE standards 52-76.

Rectangular splitter attenuator section
Splitter attenuators can be manufactured in an unlimited range of sizes to handle any airflow requirement at any air pressure drop and insertion loss.

Features & Benefits
The panels are of the double-skin type 1mm thickness, for outer and inner skins fabricated of hot-dip galvanized steel and outer skin power coated after manufacture and enamel baked in RAL 9002. The insulation between panels can be supplied in either 40mm or 50mm thickness. (Inner skin can be coated upon request optional).
A special rubber gasket EPDM K-76 that forms a thermal barrier a full peripheral rubber thermal break to ensure that no metal bridge occurs from any internal to external surface.
The thermal barrier was developed by our manufacturing facility and is internationally patented (Pnt. No. 1003076/31.12.97).
Fan section can be equipped either with centrifugal fans of double width DIDW or with free flow plug fans. The centrifugal fans can be either low pressure Type N which has specially designed Tab-Lock forward curved blades or Type H, which has specially designed backward inclined blades. High pressure Type H starting from size 250, have 11 specially-designed, backward inclined blades.
The 3-phase induction fan motors are of totally enclosed fan cooled type (TEFC) with class F insulation and IP 55 protection, of single or double speed, internal thermo protection and suitable to work with frequency inverters. Motors are available for 50 and 60 cycle. Motor & fan assembly is mounted on a common galvanized steel base frame with easily adjustable motor slide rail.
In addition to this service door, we offer the option of a second door with net screen, to eliminate the use of a belt guard and avoid unauthorized people touching moving parts.
Each and every coil is submerged in a water testing tank and pressure tested at 30 bar.
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